Junior Sizing Guide

VAT on Junior's Sports Kit

Our Junior ranges are designed to reflect standard UK adult sizing. Children 14 years or younger are exempt from VAT, therefore when ordering for a junior, please consult the general size guide.
If all garments that you are ordering are shown to be children's sizes in our info/prices section (i.e. for Under 14’s) all garments can be purchased at zero rate VAT. Please order as garments for juniors on our website (selecting the “junior” sizes). 

What is the Age Limit?

For VAT purposes, juniors are under 14 years of age. Garments purchased for children 14 years or over have to be charged at standard rate VAT. Garments purchased for children under 14 are not necessarily charged at zero VAT - it depends on the organisation type, product and size of garment.
Maximum Garment Sizes for Zero Rate VAT for our Godfrey Sports Garments:
From our sizing chart, size Medium and any smaller sizes can be purchased at zero rate VAT if they are to be purchased for juniors under 14 years of age. The garments for these children must be identified as garments for juniors at the time of placing the order, by selecting the “junior boys” or “juniors girls” or “juniors” sizing options, when choosing the sizes and quantities on your order.
Garments that are our size Large or above, must be purchased at standard rate VAT.

Please note that this is only our guide to the VAT regulations, affecting the garments we supply. The VAT regulations are subject to change.