Collation Information

How to Order

Ordering kit is simple. Just go to your club kitpage on our website and place your order in the same manner as you would order at any other time of the year. When an order window is open, all orders are automatically collated and processed together once the deadline shown at the top of your club kitpage passes. There is no need to select an option to be included in the club order; it is all done automatically for you.

Price Bands

The principal reason behind running an ordering window is to allow everyone to order and pay for their kit individually, but still allowing you to get the group order discounts. However, the website does not recognise that people will have already ordered items, nor can it predict how many items will be ordered in the end. As a result, when you go to checkout, you will notice that any items subject to price bands are charged at the single unit price. Please ignore this, and assume the price you will be charged will be the 2-11 garment price. With any luck, it will come down to the 12+ items price. It all depends on your own clubmates and what kit they order. Even if you are the only person to order a particular garment, we will endeavour to offer the 2-11 price, as a benefit of having a club kit page with us and ordering within an ordering window.

We will email you to confirm your order, when you place it and then again to confirm that the order window has ended; included in that 2nd email will be the price you have actually been charged.

Kit Bundles

With kit bundles, you can group a number of your club kit items together and achieve an extra discount. The bundle can consist of any of the items on your kit page, but the items in the bundle must all be ordered to benefit from the additional discount. If you remove one item from your shopping cart, then the bundle discount no longer exists for the rest of the items in the shopping cart. Bundles can be ordered at any time during, or outside of an order window – during an order window, the quantity pricing for each individual item will be applied, in addition to the bundle discount.

Discounts for bundles are as follows:

            3 items – 5%

            4 items – 6%

            5 items – 7%


Payment & Postage Contribution

Please note, our website cannot know how many people are going to place an order ahead of the cut off date, so it simply shows the prices and the postage costs, as if it were a 'normal' one-off order. However, after the cut off date has passed, you will receive a second e-mail from our website, to update the kit prices and the postage costs, for your share of the total postage amount. We therefore cannot debit your card at the point you place your order. Your chosen payment method will be debited 2-5 days after your club deadline for ordering has passed, so please bear that in mind when checking bank statements, etc.


We will have arranged delivery with your Committee/Club/Kit Representative to deliver everyone’s kit to the same address on an agreed delivery date. This saves you money on P&P and any items you order will be marked with your name, with a receipt enclosed. You will still pay something towards the P&P for the whole order, but it will be a shared amount amongst the club members in the order.

Personal Information

Although delivery is usually to one address, please ensure you provide us with the billing address for your card when asked for it online. Please also ensure you provide your own contact number and email address in case we need to contact you about your order for any reason.