SALE LE Sport Stripe Navy-Red Men's AIO-Small Sale

SALE LE Sport Stripe Navy-Red Men's AIO-Small

Size Small Only.
The stylish LE Sport Stripe Red men’s All-In-One (AIO) is part of our ever popular 'Classics' range of kit. The AIO combines our lighter-weight GS-TEK and our traditional Cotton Lycra fabrics, for a softer, warmer feel and a more flattering fit. The GS-TEK side panel adds a modern twist on the Godfrey Classics 4-stripe side panel range, offering an enhanced aesthetic for those wanting a little more style out on the water! You can even customise it with your club embroidery or print.
Ideal for racing and training - both indoor and on the water - the AIO contours to the body for a streamlined, anatomical fit. With a cut engineered for the male form, the LE Sport Stripe Men’s All-In-One is a desirable bit of kit!
The traditional Cotton Lycra is a super soft, smooth stretchy fabric, friendly to the skin due to its breathability and natural fibres, it is a perennial favourite! The AIO comes with stylish sublimated side panels crafted out of our high performance GS-TEK fabric, each colour is sublimated at 200˚C, using the latest technology, to ensure colour permanence and an extraordinarily sharp and bright finish.
It is preferable to wash the kit at 30°C, but certainly no more than 40°C and dry the fabric at low temperatures to get maximum usage from the clothing. Do not tumble dry. Use a cool iron on the fabric if needed.

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